Ark of truth

It’s not out on DVD until tomorrow, even so, my Stargate: Ark of Truth DVD arrived today.


(Dang, how do I make WordPress clear the end of the image at the end of the post, it has resisted every attempt I made)


can you not use <br> to push it down?

While I found the movie enjoyable, it seemed like it was too much of an easy out to tie up loose ends of the plot line.

Not going to give away any spoilers, but it just seemed like a regular episode with about 30 minutes of milking.

Nope; <br/> or <br clear=””/> get stripped out :(

“seemed like a regular episode” – well, I’d have to say definitely one of the better episodes. I didn’t feel there was much milking (maybe 10-15 minutes), and it wasn’t terrible.

I also thought the women generally looked hot. Amanda tapping looked years younger than she did in Atlantis. Moreena … if only they’d had more of her. And the other woman (not Vala) – looked her best ever.

I was well pleased with it.

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