BEGM Goes Desktop

begmdesktop.jpg Xiper’s BEGM map got a bunch of new features in version 1.1, including the ability to set the map as the desktop wallpaper. Add his new frontline drawing algorithm and his use of the “deathmap” data… And what you have is pretty cool.

It’s worth noting that BEGM is Open Source – you can download his source code to see how he does any/all of it…


There is only 1 word to describe that.


So much stuff there…why the hell isn’t that in game!!! In particlaur, the RDP stats and graphs.

Woah I say.

Holy pewp.




It’d be trivial to do on the Mac – more so than on the PC – but doing it on both … Well there are options, but none of them make it easy to do in-game UI stuff like we need ( we looked at hundreds of UI options ); wXwidgets just doesn’t cut it.

wow, i just tried BEGM for the first time (didn’t want to install :NET yet) and i gotta say it rocks!

thanks again for implementing wiretap, kfs. that made all those nice tools possible. :)

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