Cogent: PartialNet!

Cogent have had yet another peering spat, this time with most of Europe, resulting in a zero-warning de-peering of TeliaSonera.

While we’ve understood for a while that Cogent don’t consider themselves “whole internet” carriers, they’ve been quite forward about it not being “[their] responsibility to connect you to every point on the internet”, we still had this ridiculously naieve expectation that they might notify us.

We are – after all – talking about a contractual dispute.

Heck, for all I know, word of this post reaching someone at Cogent could cost PlayNet their Cogent connectivity.

I think we should just notify Cogent that we will be paying them 30% less for a while, effective immediately.


You should file a formal complaint as their childishness is damaging your business, if they have not provided any kind of warning at all. Too bad you can’t just switch right over to another provider.

Need to add this to your risks to the business. Losing a third of your business would be considered a disaster.

We did a check and this has 70% of our squad cut off from the game. Its disastrous, were paying telia and crs but we get to not play for 7 day s so far with no solution in view. How to react? I hope crs ditch cogent with severance pay. Keep the money for development but ditch cogent.

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