Coder art alert! (Playgate)

Ok, firstly, let me cover my rear here. This is an “in development” preview. And by “in development” I mean, “ninja coding monkey work that may never actually see the light of day”.

Apparently: That wasn’t clear enough. This is not a preview of what Playgate will look like, its a preview of some first steps towards adding more functionality to the Windows version of Playgate in the short term. Mac users already have a vastly superior launcher app. This preview is ‘coder art’, which means negligible effort has been made to make it look nice/right. It actually works, if the functionality passes muster, then its time for it to get an art treatment.

As I’d already mentioned, I’ve been dabbling with Playgate, our Windows Launcher App. The stuff I really want to do is easiest done with Windows Forms, which requires .NET, which strikes it from the list of ideal implementations for now.

I’ve toyed with a number of other options but it keeps coming down to having to do it the really hard way or having to rewrite Playgate from scratch – which fails to enthuse me.

So, I took the source for Playgate, some pre-existing art assets, and I beat them into submission. The aim? Actually, just to see if I could even remotely approach something less drastically coder artish than our current playgate.

Current Playgate:


Working Sample:

pg201a.gif pg201b.gif

Yeah, I know, big waste of space. I really wanted to have a panel on there with a README or patch notes or the map or something. But the Playgate sourcecode is pre-MFC C-based Windows SDK code. It’s actually not bad code, it will just need reassembling inside a modernized application framework – porting it is just not an option.

Technically, the final version needs 3 screens: TOS, Login, Server Select, because there’s a bunch of stuff I can’t do with the client until it has authenticated. That requires minor changes to the auth-host to support an authentication process better suited to our current needs. But right now, the 2-screen version might mean less hair-tairing for support when we have a patch and the servers are down. The only thing it lacks is a way to let people know why a server is Locked.

Of course, you can get this same server-status information from WireTap, although that’s not how this client is picking it up.

(Note to Mac Users: The Mac has its own, entirely independent launcher app that will be unaffected by anything in this post)


nice work oli

hows things around the office since the german tv show last week? any chance we might see something like that on the history channel anytime soon?

so you’re not going with an in-game login?

I seriously doubt the second “rebel357” is the real rebel. For starters, reb is not known for using his shift key. ;)

You couldn’t have just copy-pasted the current mac version’s launcher? Wouldn’t it be less work? I find it looks plenty fine now, but whatever floats your boat.

Well, strangely, Windows doesn’t run OS-X, and apparently OS-X Cocoa code doesn’t run under Windows.


But I would think that a lot of the basic code would be similar and you would just have to change a little bit of the language. But then again, I only know a little C++ (and the little I know works on Windows/Linux/OSX).

want to know full details about ADO.Net object click Source Code

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