Devil in the details

One thing I noticed in-game tonight was a lot of complaining about Vista’s SP1, particularly in regards to performance. So I took the time to read the Readme, and tucked away at the end of the lengthy list of performance improvements they finish with:

The Windows Vista SP1 install process clears the user-specific data that is used by Windows to optimize performance, which may make the system feel less responsive immediately after install. As the customer uses their SP1 PC, the system will be retrained over the course of a few hours or days and will return to the previous level of responsiveness.

Handy thing to know; given the length of the list of improvements, a couple of days catch up is probably worth it. I guess it also explains so often seems to grow on people – performance that improves over time that can be that noticeable probably explains why some people don’t enjoy the experience at first, too; so again, a useful thing to bear in mind when reviewing Vista.

Sadly – it appears I’m in the category of people who can’t patch my Vista install. SP1 doesn’t show up under Windows Update and I don’t have a technet subscription. Bah.

Edit: When I clicked post, my Windows Update window redrew showing a 66.9Mb update available for download. I swear I looked at it just before I wrote the “Sadly” thing above, so seconds before clicking Publish!

No BEGM 1.1.2 yet?

You’ve had 5 hours. ;)

Big battles this weekend

Cripes. I wouldn’t know where to start. Even despite the Telia customers unable to log on, the numbers were up hugely, and with so many green tags the fighting had a freshness and an intensity to it. Roermond, Liege, … BEGM has been going nuts all day with capture events, and the “death maps” have been more animated than an episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.