Ring, ring… Please?

Got a Samsung A717 today, first order of business is to figure out where I got the telephone ring sound for my last phone. I hate phone-sex-musics – sorry, I think other people call them “ringtones”.

Ringtones are like flares, nobody wants or needs them, but when you spent $300 on your new cell phone the first thing on the list of features was “MP3 ringtones”.

I think the evidence for ringtones generally being an artefact of fear and peer-pressure is borne out by the fact that 99.99999999% of ringtone sites appear to be marketing scams, botnet incubators and retirement-fund raisers for porn webmasters.

I just want the sounds my phone makes to be telephone sounds.


Doh, another thing the A717 doesn’t do is let you send MMS messages to an email address. Which sucks.

I have a 700series ringtone, it’s the old old telephone ring, I’ll upload it and post a link tomorrow for you.

Check your playnet mail (spam folder) just sent you a ringtone

One reason to get a somewhat customizable ringtone: Watch what happens when the default Blackberry ringtone goes off in the middle of O’hare airport. 100 guys in suits all reaching for their phones (me included).

However song ring-tones maybe one of the most obnoxious developments of the 21st century.

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