Lost for words…

“tcck” /reported:

i was in Sechault 30 min ago (1:45PST) I was WEST of town I saw a JU87 (not Ju52) land and 4 axis infantry climbed off of the wings. I fired on them then my PC blue screened, when I restarted I had a D.o.S. attack on my PC from the same AustralianISP based IP address that hits me when I am killing lots of ei in a town. Have axis found a way to taxi infantry on Ju87 wings?????? CHEATERS!! [French 43e Régiment d’Infanterie tcck mission Sechault mission room last posn. Sechault N49.15.24 E4.44.44]


Damn i hope it wasn’t Internode.Then again it might expain the sudden lag once i achieve a 2 kill streak. :)

All I did was hit ‘J’ Am I supposed to despawn for taking advantage of a hidden feature? It’s not my fault he was in that building standing still. I knifed him in the eyesocket after my Stuka ride. It was almost as if he was AFK.

Drugs are bad

Hah! Bilton’s immortality cheat is now revealed!

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