Vouziers, Le Chesne, Sedan …

Tough fighting today! No free lunches and no free ground. When I spawned in to Vouziers, I thought the town was gone: The Axis had the (literal) high ground and were raining shells into the armybase. The HCs and leads were keeping everyone pretty well informed on what we were doing that we just needed to hold, we had a division trapped in the town that needed time to move out.

Finally the division fell back and we all moved to offensive missions to retake the town. Hot dang, that was some intense fighting. Finally Allied armor showed up and we had rows of troops following the armor into town, but just when you’d get smug and think we were walking into the AB a german infantry would drop you :)

The Luftwaffe made it impossible to see straight for Allies trying to keep a toe-hold on Sedan and they moved in fresh supply right as the Allies cracked, so that the counter attack is currently stalling. I could sit here fighting away for another 4 or 5 hours but my tummy is rumbling and I have apple pie!

I’m going to feed up and dive back in.