Lost Empire – Immortals

This is a game I want to like. It has all the classic features of a space-based “settlers” game: tech-trees, exploration, expansion, alien races, resource management, etc, etc.

So why am I still wanting to like it?

Ramp’s tutorials, Kfs1’s instances.

A long time ago, Ramp put some hard time into building a tooltip system that we simply never had chance to get around to using. Ramp is an old CRS/IMOL hand, he’s far from a rookie, but he is the greentag around the client coding department – for which he takes plenty of flak but doesn’t so often get recognition. His new round of features probably warrant some…

Widescreen. And I mean *wide*

I’ve been plugging for better widescreen support for a while now, although until I got my 24in widescreen a few months ago “plugging” might be an overstatement, more “periodically asking about”.

All it took was Matrox setting Gophur up with a Tripple Head

For those thinking, “uh, so?” Well, the game currently clamps the resolution vertically. Which means if you get a widescreen it crops the top and bottom causing a few … oddities. For instance, you can’t see the top of a lot of vehicle reticles, the bottom of vehicle/aircraft dashes, etc, without using mouselook.

Screenshots from 1.29 courtesy of Gophur’s production notes. And Ultra-Wide support work c/o Jaeger and Ramp :)

Maastricht Infantry Video (youtube/wmv)

Raw footage of the Allied efforts to repulse the Axis from retaking Maastricht earlier tonight. Round 1 went to the Allies but the night is young…

(Windows Media Player versions: 27Mb low-res | 115Mb high-res)

Maastricht infantry video

Watch this space. Erh, scratch that, don’t watch this space, check back in a few minutes for a space with a video in it and watch that.

Edit: See new post.

Number 1 Megan Fox site!!!1

Apparently, this old post has become the number one search result in a certain search engine for the query “Megan Fox”, resulting in a massive increase in traffic to my blog – more hits in 2 days than the entire rest of the time this blog has been running.

Which is strange, since it doesn’t mention her name.

I wonder what this will do?

Ruins update

Bit late, but anyone who was waiting for the full quality version of ‘Ruins of Vianden’, the 192Mb Windows Media Player video is now up. (NOTE: Some machines have problems playing this in-browser, please right-click and ‘Save as’)

It’s on at Roermond

Last week’s significant loss of ground was a setback for the Axis but they took it well and reformed their brigades at much stronger positions. This weekend they found solid footing again and began pressing the Allies back west. Today they reached Venlo again and when I logged in for a quick look-see, the fight was on at Roermond.

Course, the line will probably have moved one way or the other by the time you read this… But… If you are one of those reading via RSS it might be the opportunity to log in to an awesome battle. Note – I said battle, not fight. If you’re looking for a MMO BF1942 experience, this won’t be it, the Roermond battles are about teamwork, co-ordination and organization … and long range kills :)


There isn’t really any point to this, thankfully short (35 seconds) video, unless you recognize the tunes :)

’cause the humor in it is lost at YouTube resolution.

Ruins of Vianden video

Ok, the video I promised in my previous post… YouTube made a mess of my first encoding – I think it disliked my encoding at 10fps (to reduce the size)

If you’d like to see it with some visual clarity and without the annoying audio skips… Windows Media Player versions: Small (36Mb) | Medium (120Mb) | Large (192Mb – use Save As or risk crashing your browser)

Allied and Axis troops, armor and aircraft clash over Vianden in Battleground Europe.

8 minute montage of clips selected from 2 hours of filming over 4 hours of battle.

No game sound, I’d forgotten to turn on recording in Fraps.

I tried to include some footage that would show the contrast between the ground and air perspectives on the aerial battle raging overhead. And I also included a few seconds with icons turned off – see how much of the action you can still make out ;) 

(I’ll link Small and Large versions as I get them uploaded)