It’s taken long enough

I’ve always had a problem with “it’s” and “its”; “it’s” was described to me as a contraction of “it is” or “it has” while “its” is the posessive form of “it”.

My problem, I think, was that “has” can indicate the posessive or form present perfect, past perfect, or future perfect tenses (“it has a food“, “it has shoot girl fly“; for more linguistic excellence, see

Every time I’ve tried to teach myself the correct way to use them, I didn’t fix that confusion.

Now I know; let’s see if it takes.


Worst April fool ever.

I was thinking about this only two days ago. Why should possessive take a back seat to fucking contractions? Contractions are borderline slang, and yet possessive form is a basic linguistic necessity. They treat possessives like the Milton of the English language, relegating them to the basement in order to make room for the boxes of contractions.

By the way, I failed freshman English and had essays returned with such red-inked errors as “This is not a run-on sentence!” and “Even science fiction is logical. This is not!”

Good times

The solution for you, is to learn Spanish.
Spanish has no such barbaric rules.

cid250 wrote:
Spanish has no such barbaric rules.


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