Resistance is Futile



hahahahaha that Microsoft BS is rediculous….

I mean come on….how dumb do they think are we??

Reminds me of the voting machine in florida.

Nice – you can’t even send back the “bugger off”; just cancel it.

Before anyone asks, I waited a few minutes to see if the OK button was going to light up; it only lights up if you select Join.

I haven’t used Vista enough yet to work out whether this is a new paradigm of the type of common control they are using for the window, whereby you have a list of “positive” options and one option which equates to cancel.

I can almost see how that might make sense, but I would make it so that the “OK” button floats up along side the “pro” options and “cancel” is down next to an option without a radio button

(_) Yes I want to join }
(_) Maybe another time } [OK]
(_) Just the one time }
… I don’t want to join [Cancel]

I <3 Vista

You don’t <3 jingfei tho? :) We’ve missed ya.

Yeah, busy week. Kiddo started track & field practice, plus I’m doing 2-a-days training. Oh and that devil of an addiction Civ 4. CURSES!

Some slashdotter referred to it as Windows Fista. lmao.

If you click on the “join” radio button, then re-select “I don’t want to join”, it lights the OK button up and allows you to continue. Why it operates in this manner is anyone’s guess.


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