Battlestar pre-season jitters

Will it suck? Will it be more soap- or space- opera? Will they have returned to the mostly-percussive instrumentals or will the soundtrack be ad-sponsored Smallville style? Did the previews show most of the space battle footage or will there be more explosions than a week’s worth of Stargate? Should I try and rig my 24in LCD to my TiVo to watch it or make do with my 37in, crappy, standard-def TV?

I watched the 8-minute “What the frak” dealie earlier this week on TiVo – neat enough. I thought the two shows last week, the “behind the scenes” and the “why people watch” were fairly entertaining too. Could help but notice that one of the show’s creators was wearing his “do I look like old-Starbuck in this” tan jacket and medallion :)


was damn good.

when are you making vipers for WW2OL?

I’d like if we could do shaky cam camera work.

Why do they have to mumble so much… took me a while to understand them again.

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