Liking Vista less and less

I’ve tried to be open minded about Vista; I get that they’ve embraced User Experience and are trying to make Windows the best they can. But slapping a bucket load of pretty ontop of Windows results in … The Farrah Fawcett of operating systems.

My humble opinion is that Microsoft was asking the wrong questions about User Experience in Vista, the UEX people were only able to dress things up. The file-copy operations, for instance, now have huge, fancy, graphical dialogs warning you that files might be overwritten instead of the old Yes/No dialog


And then you get the full-screen Permissions splash thing.

I immensely dislike the way “All Programs” works in the Start Menu; if it’s going to play the role of a tab then it should be a tab. I think introducing a new, broken and hideously unique abuse of the menu option at the first button you click in the operating system is indicative of some kind of malady amongst the team members.

There’s a lot to like about Vista and Aero, but for me I just have too much user experience. User experience ought not to be about how many different ways and how prettily you can explain the inconvenience, it ought to be about establishing fundamental, simple, atomic and most of all intuitive operating functionality, and using that to create a vocabulary of functionality so that I can easily, quickly intuit how to do any particular task.

The massive overhaul Microsoft did to introduce the right-click last century – that was good User Experience. Putting dialogs at every possible point of confusion for inexperienced users … Lousy User Experience.

What Windows needs now … Is a rethink. In all fairness to Microsoft, Vista supports a phenomenal amount of legacy crap.

Microsoft need to draw the line and start over. Build Windows over, with your new User Experience and modern functionality in mind from scratch. Worry about legacy compatability second, and throw in a Virtual PC or Parallels style solution for running older, legacy software.

I’m sure I’ll be flamed as a hater as I shut down Vista and boot back into Windows XP – both fully paid for products. I’m pretty sure that puts me on stronger grounds for having an opinion about Microsoft products than half the people who bandy the H word about.


Microsoft has already realized the Vista is a total and complete failure.

The company has extended XP shelf life after the SP1 debacle, and thrown all their resources into getting the ‘next’ generation of Windows (not Vista) into development with a release date sometime next year.

The only thing that would be more admitting to failure would be pulling Vista off the shelves and offering an apology.

Vista is this decade’s Windows 98. We all know how that turn out.

You mean ME? I thought 98 was a pretty rocking version of Windows. A lot of people didn’t see what was so great 95 -> 98, it was mostly consistency – they added right clicks in 95, but it was slapshod – a bit like the “User Experience” eye candy in Vista.

Win98 was awesome, ME and 2000 sucked (for the gamers).

I haven’t tried vista myself but have tried to solve some problems for my dad. I got lost pretty quickly. I know it prolly takes me a week or so to get used to it, but it just isn’t my thing.

If WW2ol would work with Linux I’d switch. I read about the Wine compatibility, but also that you get issues with it.

The more i test vista the more i am hating it, my last pass on it with my new sound card had me back on xp in 16 hours. I want to like it but it just keeps irratating the hell out of me.

From what im reading on windows 7 it doesn’t look like its going to be to vista what xp was to ME.
Sadly it looks even more bloated and screwed up than vista. on the upside they may actually take your advice on the legacy aspect of it. Time will tell thou.

Doh, yes i mean Me. I’m running Vista for gaming and anything important on Xp.

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