10pm saturday night, I’d have put $100 on the Axis being on the coast of France within 10 days. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.



I don’t understand what that wmv file is showing, it’s certainly not campaign 43.

You rarely understand anything SRES, do you?

Thick as pig shit me mate.

that video made no sense.

and thats not even the whole camp.

silly sally

amongst our weaponry ….

are such diverse elements as …

Spanish Inquisition only loses to The Argument Clinic for best all time.

Its from Campaign 43, and what its showing you is Saturday->Sunday.


has KFS1 been sniffing bloos shoes trying to get high again? im lost.

Haven’t followed the map closely this campaign. RL. But it looks like the Axis failed in a break out. Took their brigade as far as it could go without supply. Then got rolled in a 24 hours.

It’s an all out collapse. I’ve not seen a map virtually move this fast since the days of the opel rushes.

some is using my call sign to post in this blog

i was’nt even near a PC on April 9th WTF lol

oh wait today is April 9th

WTF i didnt post that about sres


hmmm weird that my name is linked differently on these later post than on the above post name

i call shenannigans


you ARE a shenannigan rebel

Breed, read Aeropaus’s AAR in Doc’s post on the annoucement forums. Basically the Allies punched a hole, the Axis made an all-in gamble to cutoff the hole, failed and got rolled because of it.

I’ve been recording such images twice a day during the past 7-8 campaigns and then re-create an animated GIF for each campaign. They make for a nice post-analysis tool :).

Ummm… by the Spanish Inquisition, you did not mean us, did you? :P J/K

argh…found the my name is linked right…i was probably just a bit retarded the other day /lol

^^^^^ THAT IS not ME POSTING!!!!!



doh…guess it was me posting…don´t really know what i´m doing from time to time… :O

Someone needs to do this with BEGM maps :)

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