Funniest game server shutdown ever :) Thank you, side channel :)



So what was so funny?

My guess that the side chat channel changes were causing several issues.

It could be worse. You could get blackmailed to fix some bugs AND manek a public apology for not fixing said bugs, or your code gets released to the public.

Aka, Eve Online.;boardseen#new

No, the automatic shutdown countdown (you saw it first in WWIIOL) changed with the last host patch; instead of quietly locking 5 minutes before shutdown, it counts down to the shutdown and then gives you 30 seconds to log out (which no despawn timer).

When the countdown hit zero, someone yelled something on side channel and a split second later everyone else still online did the same thing. 30 seconds and several thousand messages later, the chat host shutdown. The last thing it transmitted was

retterkl: SPARTA!


glad i could be of service !

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