Fierce fighting…

Antwerp, Maastricht, Venray, Venlo, Roermond.

That is all, until I’ve had some sleep. Although, Venray was incredible, helped by largely being made of recent buildings, like Ciney on steroids. 17th Infantry went out in a stupendous blaze of glory which opened the door for the Axis cap of Venlo and left the Allied counter painfully short on gear, and late to arrive too. Allied tanks tried to charge the East bank of Venlo only to discover that 88s, Stugs and Pak 36s that are already set-up have a fatal sting.

Manhay seems to be the big fight right now, glowing brirght yellow on BEGM’s death maps.

One Comment

Come now…you know PaK-36s and 88s are next to useless…88s are the easist thing to kill and the PaK-36 can’t kill anything. The Axis have No Hope in stopping an Allied Armored attack with those two guns.


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