Fail on writing an AAR

Just too much to try and remember from yesterday. That’ll teach me to play ~20 hours straight.

That said, I’m putting together a video from tonights Vianden battle. I have over 2 hours of footage from 3-4 hours of filming, and I’ve been contemplating doing a narrated version or just doing the usual title sequences. But neither kinda feels right. Think I’ll go with a bit more of a montage thing.

There’s a little sequence where I turn off icons so you can see if you can still spot half of whats going on (ha!).

I tried to capture several things about this battle: the changes of direction, the “zones” of separate forces, the ant lines :)

But what I like most about this footage is that it captures some of the contrasting perspectives on what’s going on overhead. From the ground footage, you can see bombers and fighters coming in and strafing ABs and that seems to be the bulk of it. The friendly airforce seems to be absent. But drift away from the city center where the vis limit is being taxed and icons begin to hove into view revealing a massive aerial battle going on all around the city.

I had some footage that drifted up a lot higher and showed the multiple layers of dogfighting going upwards at different altitudes, but I porked it by turning on some of my GM HUD, so I can’t use it :(

Must remember to enable sound recording in Fraps next time.


the air battle was incredible one minute i was on a 109 with 2 frindlies supporting next minute i’m the one running for my life. my favorite of the campaign thus far.

You were in about 70% of the air footage I had :)

i have some good gun cam footage from that fight.

I was in Vianden shortly after the attack began.

Spawned at the S spawnable cp and saw serveral ei coming in from the south.

I managed to flank the ant trail and kill the EMS.
We then killed the few ET’s that where near the S ab and I thougth we had seen the attack off. Boy was I wrong!

Reports of lots of ET’s around the N ab came in, then masses of Allied planes showed up, followed by more et’s from the south and a lot of ei.

The amount of incoming rounds from et’s at, aa, ea & ei was increadable. We managed to somehow hold that s cp for a long time but eventaly they overwhelmed us.

At this point I was almost shell-shocked from the intensity of the fighting, and given the NHL playoffs just starting I bugged out to a quiter town.

From my maths I think Oli turned up to that fight after it had been going for a couple of hours, so it must have been 1 hell of a long slug fest!

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