Ruins of Vianden video

Ok, the video I promised in my previous post… YouTube made a mess of my first encoding – I think it disliked my encoding at 10fps (to reduce the size)

If you’d like to see it with some visual clarity and without the annoying audio skips… Windows Media Player versions: Small (36Mb) | Medium (120Mb) | Large (192Mb – use Save As or risk crashing your browser)

Allied and Axis troops, armor and aircraft clash over Vianden in Battleground Europe.

8 minute montage of clips selected from 2 hours of filming over 4 hours of battle.

No game sound, I’d forgotten to turn on recording in Fraps.

I tried to include some footage that would show the contrast between the ground and air perspectives on the aerial battle raging overhead. And I also included a few seconds with icons turned off – see how much of the action you can still make out ;) 

(I’ll link Small and Large versions as I get them uploaded)


Nice film i love the buzzard cam movies. although i think some peppier music might pick it up. the euro-trance doesnt do it justice.


I thought the shockwaves were long-gone. Are they linked to one of the options like tracer smoke?

Not that I know of. Good point tho, I thought they were gone. Maybe a quirk of the buzzard client?

KFS your medium video is a dead link :(

They’re there sometimes on regular client too (or atleast they were), I don’t know if it changed with the pass on effects, but you could see shockwaves from underneath an explosion. Like if a bomb hit a building, you could see the shockwave, faintly. It would appear that its the alpha transparency of what would be the shockwave, or something. Except nothing is drawn behind it, or only faintly. In the video it looks different then what I’m talking about though.

See: Escaz’s entry to that video contest thing, at 1:13. Its visible for a second. I can’t remember if I’ve seen it since I started playing again in Feb.

As a side note, the shockwave effect was friggen awesome and looked cool as crap. Though I would assume the problem was every HE round hand it, from 20mm on 109s (at the time) and up.

The affect could be appearing below the ground, so you can’t see it all the time.

I’ve seen it quite a few times since the 1.28 patch.

Wow, impressive the amount of peeps in the air and on the gnd.
Thanks for sharing.

I saw a few shockrings from the air today, so it seems it is in the regular client still…. perhaps they’re just not really visible from the ground? All the times I saw them, I was pretty much above the blast of a bomb I’d dropped.

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