It’s on at Roermond

Last week’s significant loss of ground was a setback for the Axis but they took it well and reformed their brigades at much stronger positions. This weekend they found solid footing again and began pressing the Allies back west. Today they reached Venlo again and when I logged in for a quick look-see, the fight was on at Roermond.

Course, the line will probably have moved one way or the other by the time you read this… But… If you are one of those reading via RSS it might be the opportunity to log in to an awesome battle. Note – I said battle, not fight. If you’re looking for a MMO BF1942 experience, this won’t be it, the Roermond battles are about teamwork, co-ordination and organization … and long range kills :)

One Comment

Don’t forget the 12 mortar symphony (+UMS for supply, natch) at the railway station. :)

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