Widescreen. And I mean *wide*

I’ve been plugging for better widescreen support for a while now, although until I got my 24in widescreen a few months ago “plugging” might be an overstatement, more “periodically asking about”.

All it took was Matrox setting Gophur up with a Tripple Head

For those thinking, “uh, so?” Well, the game currently clamps the resolution vertically. Which means if you get a widescreen it crops the top and bottom causing a few … oddities. For instance, you can’t see the top of a lot of vehicle reticles, the bottom of vehicle/aircraft dashes, etc, without using mouselook.

Screenshots from 1.29 courtesy of Gophur’s production notes. And Ultra-Wide support work c/o Jaeger and Ramp :)


Very, very good news. I don’t have a widescreen monitor, for the reason my favourite game *didn’t support it. May have to look into one now, would make nice use of 8800GTX finally. Awesome work CRS!

I’m definitely saving up for that Matrox unit and a couple of extra screens. Looks fantastic.

ZOMG! This game has come such a long way since it’s initial release. I can’t wait to see what else comes with 1.29. Obvisouly, it can’t come fast enough!

There will be cake!

Was it 12 months ago I said you[1] needed to fix this, or 18? I can’t quite remember.

[1] “you” = CRS, particularly the client people, not you personally. Obviously.

like the new clouds…..

Horse, it was about 2 months ago when I bought a widescreen. But I challenged Rick and Ramp about their decision to go with a fixed format UI layout rather than a dynamic one back in 1.19 saying, and as I oft quote to Ramp, “Wide screen is going to be big in the next year or so”. I was off on the timing but while I can be smug about the prediction, developing widescreen back then would have meant axing something else from the already trimmed featureset at the time.

OK, next thing to put on a similar list: enhanced *vertical* angular display capability.

To be built upon the new wide-display capability, but with three 16:9 panels electronically and physically *turned vertically*…i.e., 3600 x 1920.

Especially useful for aircraft players. Anti-aircraft players, too. Try using a single 1920 x 1200 panel turned vertically at a close visual distance. The large visual subtended vertical angle is exceedingly immersive. We all have ancient genetic coding regarding threats from above. Might as well take advantage of it.

Of course, it might be necessary to allow the player to set the proportional screen height of their eye point, since their world-context (hawk, or rabbit?) would determine whether their visual peripheral priority was upward, balanced or downward.

This capability also would be impressive for infantry gameplay in vertically enhanced urban fighting, i.e. complex multi-story buildings and non-flat ground.

Here is 1 of the displays we are considering for ground control stations for UAVs.
pricey but cool.

That looks really nice!

Isn’t Alienware (Dell) announce at CES a wider than widescreen available in Q3 or Q4 of this year?

Will this offer an unfair advantage to those running 3 monitors with TripleHead2Go over those who run only one monitor?

Got a Samsung 22″ Wide TFT-LCD Monitor, with
up to 1680×1050(WSXGA+)
MagicSpeed 2ms
Dynamic Contrast 8000:1
And could not be happier. Now I don’t run the game at the High end of the setting cause of the drag on the FPS.
But my screen looks nothing like those at the top!
Always a difference between the 22″and 24″
Happy Hunting S!

The pics are screenshots from an early version of Unity 2 on a Matrox tripple head – not my 24in monitor :) I’m running an 8800GT and I don’t have a noticeable diff in fps at any resolution on my Samsung tho :)

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