Wait a minute…

I just got done spending another 3 hours playing GTA IV, switched over to TV and there was an advert for GTA IV. I hit rewind on the TiVo and watched it a couple of times.

The game footage in the commercial looks way better than the actual gameplay.

The first thought to pop into my head was, maybe that’s the PlayStation 3 version? On the other hand, the reason I got done playing so early was that I got worn down by the non-stop preachiness of some parts of GTA IV. It seems to be Druge Report, Fox News and MSNBC rolled up into one with some News Media savvy about how to get people to listen to your drivel: show them T&A. I don’t know if there’s a particular agenda to GTA’s preaching, taken as a whole, they seem to air and rant against most opinions.

I know, you expect some satire/mockery in GTA, but in GTA-IV it can feel positively didatical. And there is so much of it … I was in the mood to do some more of the missions and get further into the game, but not at the expense of having to hear Nico and Roman bantering about the failure of the American dream.

If there was a message in GTA IV, my read on it right now is “question yourself”. I’m not offended by the subject matter or content, I just want to hit a button that says “I’m done with political and sociological commentary as I run people over and stab them in the face for now, thanks”.

Of course, the closest Microsoft comes to parody is references to “To$$ OS” which I – I think – is supposed to vaguely reference Windows. Their in-game Open Source parodying website (“Eunux”) is on the mark with its outlook on most open source software, but it’s so long and drivelly and shallow that I couldn’t help but think it was probably written by a geek who failed to be top nerd on any forum and holds it against the community.

There’s no “but” or “although”.


One of the radios suddenly talked about IKEA and how stupid the Swedish language is, made me stop the car and laugh :D

Here are some videos comparing xbox vs ps3

I bought the XBOX360 just because of GTA IV
I would never think that I would be a console owner :)
I like the game, it looks good on my 42″
Sad thing is that my wife accidently bumped into the box and the GTA-DVD got scratched! It has a big scratch looking like a ring :(
Now I need to find a way to flash the damn thing so that I can download a “backup” and play that one instead

If GTA:IV takes from the GTA:Liberty Citie Stories as canon, then there should also be “Fruits”, as well as Tossers.

play the game on an HD tv, and it all changes.

i doubt just switching to a PS3 would do anything with the same TV.

On second thought GTA’s animations and movements felt a lot more fluid to me than Assassins creed.

I always would run into times when it would feel almost jerky at best.

Plus you have to think as GTA as a movie, the cut scenes make it feel like it.(At least that’s how i look at it) It helps me play through these things without feeling too bad about it.

All video games have those jerky movements, just recently i feel we have been getting better with it. And GTA is one of the better games that deals with it.

Yep, their fake web content includes a pounding of the ‘iFruit” phone :)

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