Got my adapter cable today to plug the 360 into a monitor, took it up-stairs and hooked it into my 24in LCD Widescreen.

Started out trying 1920×1080 (16:9), tried a handful of games/demos I already had installed, things looked great.

So, time to try GTA-IV. This configuration didn’t seem like it was going to do GTA-IV any favors.

First, there was a shed-load of artifacting going on, flickering, aliasing, etc; it could really use anti-aliasing at this resolution. Second, during the “dusk” phase of the day they use this “soft lighting” stipling/dithering effect that is glaringly visible at this resolution and this distance. In the short to middle distance it looks somewhere between frosted glass, “pastel” filters and that “hand-drawn” PhotoShop effect they put on some adverts.

My eyes seemed to adapt after a few minutes – when I sat back a little further from the screen and it switched from evening to night. It looks really freaking awesome at night after a while.

If I switch to the PC for a while and then switch back to the 360’s input again, it goes back to the blury effects. Large surfaces/objects seem to look a bit “mosaicish”, you would think it was bad upsampling, except the fine details are there in the hud/text/map and objects with fine model detail and moving the camera around the details are there in the blockiness. It’s very weird, but after a while the eye adapts and it’s not so bad. Really can’t figure out what the heck that’s about.

Going to give Mass Effect a try and see if it’s just GTA-IV or if it’s something about my configuration.

Gonna drop by Best Buy with Killer tomorrow and look for an LCD TV – somewhere in the 37 to 47in range I reckon.



Awh yeah, done my first two stunt jumps; getting the feel for it now :) Just did my second mission for the rasta dude :)

Yes, up close the game looks amazingly bad with the dithering, mosaic filtering and lack of AA, considering how good it looks if you move just a bit further away :)

i had to adjust the lighting in the settings for GTA.

seems a bit off in shadows and such.

looks good still imo

Same here, had to adjust the lighting in the settings.

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