New Wiretap data

Before you complain that the TOE sheets only go up to the cycle in production, I’m playing it safe here. It means that this doesn’t currently contain any data you can’t get by logging in or looking at the Gazette.

More details here.

Because Ajax doesn’t let you pull data from another website, there are also JavaScript versions that you can include like this:

// Include the WWIIOL meta data such as country names, etc.

// Include the full vehicle list into “wwii_vehicles”

// Insert a list for us to populate.

    // Script to populate the list using all the data we
    // references; “defer” tells the browser not to do this
    // until all other scripts are done loading.
    [/sourcecode] Which produces a list like this:

      • English A13 Mk II requires rank 1
      • French Aigle Destroyer requires rank 5
      • English Airborne ATR requires rank 3
      • French Airborne ATR requires rank 3
      • German Airborne ATR requires rank 3
      • ...


    Excellent stuff. One link missing tho, can we please have a toe=”” attribute added to hcunitlist?

    Great new stuff. Will try to implement it in BGEIV 0.9 (that should theoretically already been released *lol*, well hopefully this month…)
    I’m missing the infantry in toes.sheets.xml

    If you find so much time to work on WireTap, what about connecting the countries with the sides in the metadata sheet?
    So things like
    => own=”4/2″ can be reduced to own=”4″

    And there are other places where you could save some bytes.

    And what about a sheet about special places, like the training cps (IDs)?

    And what about … well ok, I’m already quiet *g*


    Country to side mapping is in wwiiol-meta.js (wwii_get_side).

    Added the toe=”” attribute to hcunitlist.

    – Oliver

    And the most obvious way to save bytes would be to use csv instead of XML.

    csv rocks, even if it is wholly unreadable :)

    What about a side mapping in wwiiol-meta.xml?

    Instead of CSV you could use Binary XML or an own binary format ;)
    But you don’t need to change it! I’m very happy with the current format …


    I too added equipment numbers to my webmap (, but it does seem like some equipment numbers are missing.

    For example 232,pan, uk navy, transport planes, etc.

    Should find it was fixed yesterday. Stupid combination of a LEFT OUTER JOIN and a WHERE condition that exempted rows with no outer join.

    Wiretap data is giving XML parse errors atm.

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