The next bable?


That’s why the axis lose. They let play 3 year old boys and even lose against them *g*

No material imbalance!
No number imbalance!
No AHC/GHC imbalance!


Someone was complaining on SomethingAwful that 5 minute flight times are too long before you engage the enemy.

I can now reply back that he must have a less patience than a 3 year old.

I’d like to point out that the original game design was geared more towards *5* year olds.

– Responsible Snail


Watch his reaction when he sees the UI post-mission screen. Instant double take and search for help.

This is genius.

Test all UI controls with 3 year old. If if works – its in.


I’m trying to figure out witch rat that was.

Oh poor kid, how will he ever learn to enjoy playing games after that? :)

I wonder what the average age of an axis player really is :P

And with a little whine at the end ;)

My little girl who is turning 4 as of today loves playing it i have her in offline mode learning how to work it now.

Its funny watching her try to fly a plane, she gets it up to speed but just cant get the knack of lifting off she instead covers her eyes as the plane goes up and right back into the dirt.

Now i have to up her training so she can pwn this little nooblet lol

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