Battleground Europe

(Video by Grider)


What key do you use to jump out of that sherman tank ?

video makes me wonder if the time has come for CRS to make radial clutter a non-config feature.

The game just looks so much better with full rad clutter.


I bought a new computer for with widescreen samsung monitor.

Turned up all the settings to high.

Cable modem in Los Angeles.

200+ FPS.

I go down to 60 FPS in super-crowded environments.


And the game is amazing. Beautiful. 4x Anisotropic filtering with specular on..and its beautiful. Flak looks like Flak should. Smoke from explosions obscures the target for 10 seconds. Enemy and friend look very good up close.

This game is amazing for the high-end machines. It is merely good for mid-level machines. Low-end can play it with all the beauty turned off, and less situational awareness. But CRS should be proud of what has been accomplished for a MMOLG with the largest map and zero shards….

I want to love other games: But defeat the AI – or just keep clicking your mouse button at close range…no. I’ll take human targets and human enemies at medium to long range. Much more challenging and fun.

Stay the course.

This video shows what happens when the game is done right.

S! GRIDER. Nice video. ty Ollie.

Can tanks cap flags yet?

get the fuck out of here joker007…you lame azz fanboi comment is either faked or ur just full of it…

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