GTA-IV Multiplayer

Now that’s some fun stuff :) Some of the “storyline” ones are a little weak — the “hangman’s noose” is real hard till you work out how to survive the first couple of wave of cops.

After Ramp logged I played a few 4-player unranked games with some cool guys, the PvP ones are actually a pretty good blast – the cops and robbers was pretty hillarious, my favorite part being Frenchy and myself trying to catch the robbers who had reached a boat, by swimming/climbing down the broken down jetty and then desperately and vainly trying to swim out to the boat while the robbers slowly nudged the boat a step at a time out of range :)

I was really hoping Free mode would let you do missions and stunt jumps and stuff – but it’s just “hang out in Liberty City” which isn’t quite so much fun. I can imagine a lot of GTA freaks using it to make movies maybe.

The multiplayer session stuff is kinda bug prone, we had to keep restarting games and stuff, and the UI is a little unusual but you get the hang of it slowly. Probably be playing some more of that this week. We’re gonna be playing Conan next week, although I still need a good BE fix :)

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I’d love to see better camera control in BE offline for making movies. From what I understand you guys pulled the ability to pan the camera for legal reasons. I’m hoping that you just commented out the relevant code and can put it back one day.

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