ARGH! Spider!

First of all, I demand recognition of the fact that I had not had any coffee or tea. And yes, I realize the picture looks more like a bee or a wasp or something, when I went to take the picture it moved.

This morning, I stepped thru my front door and as I turned from having locked it stepped thru a strand of spider silk. When I turned to look at where I thought it had come from, there was this beastie. I realize, now, that he wasn’t the web-maker, but he was moving around, and he was large and furry.

I’m not used to seeing large spiders; I’m not used to seeing spiders with fur thick enough to make seal’s jealous. This guy was maybe 1-1.5 inches long with white stripes. The image is blurry because of the stupid way my phone takes pictures … It had nothing to do with me being scared of this little arachnid; that’s crazy talk.

My hunch was that it was a jumping spider, not because I know squat about spiders but because as something of an arachnaphobe it was quite, quite intimidating to arrive here in Texas from England and notice that the spiders watch back.

I was going to try and get a better picture when I got home, but now that I’m fairly sure it’s a Bold Jumping Spider, and the last jumping spider I toyed with jumped directly at me, and I really don’t fancy having this thing jump at me, because then I really will scream like a little girl :)

I hope he eats ‘skeeters.


Hell, I saw one of this on my way, and I will be the first man on moon without rockets.

I hate spiders… well, all this kind of bugs. If one spider jumps at me, sure I will die, no doubt.

Spiders is one of the worst dreams of mine, I hate them so bad, they are pretty much the worst animals of the planet…

The other day I was at work, and when I wanted to grab my screw driver, a big fat spider sat on top of the handle and I almost got a heart attack….agh…

When I was in junior high school, they showed really old “B” movies in fifteen minute chunks at the tail end of the lunch period in the school auditorium. That was a few decades ago, but I still remember parts of one of them…”Tarantula”, a cheesy, unintentionally funny Burgess Meredith horror flick. Using cheap physical compositing techniques, they combined closeup shots of real spiders with other images to (try to) represent fifty foot spiders that could crawl across the countryside at speeding-car velocity and were eager to munch on people. Burgess Meredith, of course, was the socially inept egghead scientist whose foolishly misguided experiments led to the mutant spiders and who of course lost his life in an attempt to undo the harm he had caused.

It was a crappy movie by any standard, including its remarkably stupid and Ludditic depiction of science. I suppose like a lot of other 50s movies it was a clumsy allegory about the scary weapons advances of WWII, made by folks who didn’t understand them for audiences that didn’t understand them. It’s remarkable that with such dreck around, any of us went into science and engineering. Anyway, I still remember it after all these years. No fifty-foot tarantulas, please.

Heh, it was Leo G. Carroll, not Burgess Meredith. Anyway, I remember the *fifty foot spiders* pretty well.

Time for a flame thrower, just to be safe.

glad i live in a country where no lil nasties want to eat you all the damn time.

The SOT curse has befallen you.
you will now never be more than 20 feet from a spider at any given time.

go ahead. test out the theory. SOT has doomed you to a life of fear.

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