Simplified Chinese

Unicode has ~20,934 characters in its “Unihan” database, which includes Japanese and Korean. The Simplified and Traditional PRC characters are mixed together, and I can’t seem to find any list of just the Simplified characters. Which is a little frustrating.

Admittedly, as yet I haven’t devoted a significant amount of time to it, but I’m a little taken aback that in 2 weeks of casual googling I’ve yet to find such a seemingly obvious list.



you gotta ask the question in chinese and hope that the answer isn’t blocked ;)

LoL, I somehow couldn’t believe, that you can’t find a character code table for simplified chinese. I did go to, entered simplified chinese character table and the first search result was, your site … ok I believe you :)

“.ch” is not china.

But that was a huge help. I went to and typed in the same query I started with on, “simplified chinese characters” and got this beauty:

Muahahaha… Except it’s encoded in GB2312, now I have to save it as UTF-8 :) And it lists the same characters multiple times :( What I need now is that list but for Unicode :)

I know that .ch is not china. But it is switzerland and this is my home country ;)
Didn’t know that google has a .cn. Weren’t they rejected from the PRC?

PS: Thx for fixing WireTap

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