Conan Source…

After installing Conan from the DVDs, seeing a rather long download time for the first patch, I decided to go take a quick look at the install folder. A little file called “CheckOutTime.txt” seemed to indicate the gold was printed from a beta release. Fair enough, they went with a “ship that, it works, we’ll patch on day 1”.

I nosed through a few other files, found numerous validation/parsing errors in various XML files (before and after patching), e.g. “<powerrating>10</powerrrating>“.

And then there’s the “prog” folder with its “.inc”, “.vsh” and “.psh” files; the source code for all their vertex and pixel shaders. And I do mean human-readable source code.

Erm, someone say “Whoops”?



What a great header to that file.

lol, interesting. Some games are quite forcoming with content source to encourage mod development. I would be surprised if that is the case though, given that this is an MMO. Its unlikely the devs will loose sleep over this, unless there is more than shader code in there…. :)

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