Speaking of DOH

Maybe not the best place to rest my knee.


a knee and some plugs….

cmon KFS1, what did ya break!

Hmm….sorry I don’t get it

thats a knee in a jeans infront of a pc case, with USB and audio plugs on the top of it (I love those new case), there is a cd/dvd white drive (why do you have a white drive in a black case?) and a white audio cable (no micro) plugged in the correct green audio plug.

In the background you can see the lower part of a desktop, at least three cables. The white one will probably be the power cable for the light on the desktop … the other two … well at least one could be also a power cable, because there seems to be a small transformator on the ground.

And could it be, that you used the flash of the camera?

… hmmm … interesting … lol

Looks more like power & reset buttons on top of the case.

Rest knee there, restart or turn off PC! :-)

KFS1 alt F4s using power button!

Only when I’m on his six!

(which, has never happened…)

Half-hidden behind the knee, firmly resting on it, is the power button…

I chose a really bad place to put my desktop PC :(

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