XP Until 2010 (Woot!)


And after that, we can all go touchscreen crazy




Good news. Although I’ve switched to Ubuntu, I really like XP. I haven’t tried Vista but with all I’ve read and announcements like this you can’t help wonder if MS have lost their way

I dunno – the odds and sods I’ve seen of Windows 7 … I think Vista was at the very least a useful experience for them.

Remember: Vista is Longhorn, the “new windows” people were talking about 6+ years ago… It was going nowhere and got scrapped and restarted; I think that lead to some shakeups that resulted in multiple steps backwards from all the good things MS had learned getting to XP.

um … wat?

why are you idiots celebrating the exention of XP?

Get with the program, commies.

“Hog” hasn’t even used Vista, but he is letting all these pro-linux anti-microsoft morons and their blogs affect his opinion.

Buy a new machine with Vista, then stfu and be happy.

KFS1 hates Vista and likes XP because WWIIOL’s ancient decrepit code base has been difficult to support on Vista. Plus he’s a linux commie.

My advice: dump the Mac client, dump OpenGL, move to DirectX, stop bitching about Vista and get with the fucking program.

Until then enjoy your FAIL and AIDS.

mybadlol moronically interjected:
KFS1 hates Vista and likes XP because WWIIOL’s ancient decrepit code base has been difficult to support on Vista. Plus he’s a linux commie.

And that would bother me why?

Can you explain how I am a “linux commie” when I (a) gripe about how shitty open source software is frequently, (b) I choose to run Windows on all of my machines, (c) I’ve bought licensed copies of every version of Windows since Windows 3.11 for every machine I’ve run it on, (d) I was in the early tester and adopter programs for Windows Vista, (e) I am celebrating Microsoft’s acceptance of market forces leading them to continue selling the product that the market demands – i.e. Windows XP – in favor of Windows Vista, (f) I chose the 360 over the Linux-capable PS3.

Get a clue, you dumbassed retard. Windows Vista is a clusterfuck just like ME was (and I’ve bought both Windows ME and Windows Vista, can you say the same?) Even Microsoft execs are on the record as saying bad things about Vista.

I can only conclude that by “Linux commie” you mean that I actually know something about computers and I judge an operating system or a software product on its merrits rather than by some stupid sense of vendor loyalty.

I’ve said and known Vista was going to be a mistake since I saw the first developer releases.

Windows 7 – the 2010 release – sounds very promising so far.

KFS1 – Why are you ‘woot’ing at the extension of XP?

Maybe I misunderstood …

I’ve said and known Vista was going to be a mistake since I saw the first developer releases.

So Vista was a “mistake”? Hahaha … you sound like every other know-nothing Microsoft-bashing commie idiot with a web browser.

Let me explain to you what is really going on here with the Windows 7 release coming so soon after Windows 6. It’s not because of your school-yard reasoning, which is that “Vista sucks horse dicks and that’s why it will be replaced so soon”.

Microsoft has stated publicly that they intend to shorten the time between operating system releases. In the process they sort of admitted that the time between XP and Vista was way too long (due to the many repeated delays that we are all aware of).

So, it’s not that Vista was a “mistake”, you retarded European freeware fan, it’s that Microsoft has set an agressive time table for OS releases to keep any OS for being current for almost 8 years (which is too long).

Windows 7 isn’t even that different from Windows 6!

Vista was not a “mistake”. All this Vista bashing is purely political and not based on much fact. I bought Vista Ultimate the week that it was released, and I have been running it ever since. I had VERY little problems with it — the biggest problem that I had was getting good stable drivers for the video chip in my laptop. And before you say “you must not do much with Windows”, well I am a software engineer — I write ERP software.

In fact, my BIGGEST problem moving to Vista was getting WWIIOL to work!!! HAHAHA, pwnt.

mybadlol dribbled:
Let me explain to you what is really going on here with the Windows 7 release coming so soon after Windows 6. It’s not because of your school-yard reasoning, which is that “Vista sucks horse dicks and that’s why it will be replaced so soon”.

Care to highlight where I made any such suggestion or extrapolation? Is that your interpretation of my belief that Vista is a mistake, based on my analysis of the development through ER1, EA1, RC1 and RC2? Because if it is, you appear to have gotten yourself high on someone elses opinions and applied them to my casual disdain for Vista in preference for XP.

And, perhaps you aren’t aware of this – Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME and XP actually cost money, and I own 2, 5, 4, 1 and 5 licenses respectively. If they are “freeware” to you, it’s not something you should mention in public…

You do rather seem to have gotten confused. Your excitement seems to have carried you away.

I said that I have felt Vista was a mistake since I – eagerly – tried the first versions. I said the same about ME, in contrast to my recommending people upgrade to XP even if they had 2k.

After Longhorn was scrapped and they restarted and Vista development was turning out to be a comparable blackhole, someone(s) made the call to push the “launch” button and make the best of it they could. The result was recognizable to any competent software developer as the same roller-coaster ride through the early-previews, test and release candidate versions as we’ve seen during release-buildups in several other pre-launch development tracks I’ve vociferously criticized, such as Mozilla, Vanguard and WWII Online. Oh, you weren’t aware that I was an outspoken of the way WWII Online was being developed prior to release, a year before I joined the staff? Well, as a software engineer, you know what they say about assumptions and going off without all the facts.

My Woot is for Microsoft bowing to the market. You don’t see me clamoring for Microsoft to recall Vista, do you? I merely believe XP is the better operating system and want to see it available – for purchase – until the many people at Microsoft who’s goal is to deliver the best-of-best operating system platform to us have had an opportunity to finish what they were starting in Vista.

If you’ve been listening/reading to what Balmer and other top MS execs have been saying, they have stated quite directly that the accelerated development track includes organizing staff away from a long series of Vista Service Packs and concentrating on Windows 7. Question: How many service packs were there for Windows ME?

“Windows 7 isn’t even that different from Windows 6”

If you look at the list of things we’ve been told will be in 7, so far, what you have is largely a list of features we were previously told would be in Vista or in a Vista Service Pack. Infact, the list contains a number of items that were pulled from Vista so as not to delay its release, some of which resulted in rather hasty work-overs to tide the rest of the system over until they were implemented, such as WinFS.

Let’s see if you are capable of reconcilling some really simple facts:

1. I’m a proven fan of most versions of Windows and numerous Microsoft applications and products (Visual Studio, Internet Explorer, Word, Excel, Game Voice, SideWinder Hardware, various Microsoft programming books – most infamously “Writing Solid Code”),

2. Despite my negative impression from TP1, RC1 and RC2, I bought and installed Vista on my home computer.

3. I’ve stated enthusiasm for Windows 7 – indeed, based on everything I’ve heard on the web and from friends on team, I’m looking forward to it as much as I was looking forward to Longhorn/Vista before the first Vista technology preview I ran.

4. I’ve stated a number of things I like about Vista, such as Aero.

Now – tell me again how I’m some kind of Microsoft hater? What was it you said, “retarded European freeware fan” well, two out of 3 isn’t bad.

The emphasis on User Experience wasn’t well integrated into Microsoft’s existing development expertise, as a result Vista is full of cool, shiny features, tossed into the same mix like a bad chef throwing a little of everything into a pot hoping that as long as each of the ingredients are good it won’t taste awful.

When I find that I’m turning off almost all the new features until what I have is XP with an Aero theme, then to me it’s not worth the upgrade and I stick to booting XP.

It’s my belief Microsoft will have learned from their first attempt at really integrating the UEX guys into the development track during Vista, and that they will do a much better job of achieving the intent rather than merely the goal in Windows 7, which will result in a drastically improved user experience.

As for you trying to pin my dislike for Vista on WWIIOL… *Yawn*.

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