Remembering the fallen

 We concluded our 7th anniversary celebration by remembering those who fought for us in World War II and the players who are no-longer with us in a 10 minute Cease Fire on the Dinant Bridge. The earlier, 2pm, ceremony was a little unruly. However, there was a touching degree of reverance shown at the 8pm ceremony. (People on both sides will no doubt feel the other side failed to behave, but remember, you only reserve 4 or 10 slots for friendly units when your vis list gets full)

Over 600 people were standing on the bridge at the peak of the 8pm ceremony.

Ah, next year, I need a slightly less drastic way to despawn everyone at the end of the ceremony…

System text from the ceremonies:

We gather to remember together the sacrifices made by soldiers and civilians in World War II.
Today is a day to honour their bravery and heroism.
Today is a day of remembrance and appreciation for the legacy of peace which is their gift to us.
Today we also remember our own fallen friends.
Their passing leaves an emptiness in the community that will always be felt:
Barry “Carrot” Hayes
Michael “Burbank” Hyde
Marv “Wilt” Kozak
Michale “Colohawk” Donovan
Anthony “Backstab” Skarda
Scott “Sapzero6” Phipps
Petter “Qtrew” Danielsson
Thomas “SDShill” Holt
Elijah “Triplex3” Windham Jr.
Larry “Scrappy” Holst
James “Vonhorst” Modesitt
Ashley “Bishface” Dalton
Keith “Phyaball” Gibbons
Matthew “Lion1” Marvin-Shepard
Richard “Vraptor” Cox
Tristan “Revngrpr” Lohse
Frank “Kg26war” Sonner
Wilton “Pzvg” Stewman Jr.
Frank “Frank35” Hauan
Charlanne “Phew” Corbin
William “Wiesel” Coker
Riad “Setwolf” Fantini
Andy “Kimosabe” Keller
Chris “Alaex” Gilliam
Myles “Ubique” Mansell
Clinton “Nomod” Hicks
Jeff “Hakman” Wilson
Mikael “Janzzie” Nurminen
John “Huklbuck” Restagno
Lawerence “Codger” Davis
Viktor “Snorkel” Sorken
A.J. “Massaman” Bryson
Chris “Frmboy” Cornish
Joshua “Argus” Reynolds
James “Burma” Kyle
Alan “PDF Seta” Sanchez
John “Aesis” Lee
Alex “Medievil” Clark
Fredrik “Ludde” Rydell

These names can also be found on the plaque at every town’s City flag, the one with the sheep on it.


Those two pics summarize this game.

First 600 people attending a virtual ceremony. Allthough a couple of grenades were thrown, I think it was impressive.

Then after the ceremony we end in one big gunfight, it still is a game after all.

S! to all that were there.

I was there, it was well done. As always, a few boobs showed up, but overall it was nice.

Of course, on the way in to work the obvious struck me (as it tends to when you actually have a half hour to think about something) that I could have just told the host not forward fire messages when arenalock disabled kills – rather than trying to design a complex way to prevent the client firing…


Well, at least that’s something you can probably knock out fairly quickly for the next host update. BTW, been playing a lot lately (my son too) and we are having a blast. So much so, I brought back my friend redleg69 into the game.

Very moving. I’m quite sorry to have missed it.

on another note – there is a buzzard with a playername displayed. Don’t know if you want that as the download… :)

Minor request: Can you update the link to Gophur’s blog? He’s changed the address to and because i’m using several browsers/operating systems I find it easiest to get to his blog from here. Thanks.

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