iMac, oHell!

Don’t ever let anyone tell you Macs are for dummies. An hour with a Mac and you find yourself thinking Macs are either for hyper-intelligent beings afflicted with a technophobia that leaves them intimidated by a TiVo remote, or Macs require a degree in stupid to be well operated.

I am largely enjoying my iMac experience – the display is to die for; remember when you switched from your 4 year old, mostly burned-out 15in CRT display to a 19+in LCD? It’s that again. So crisp, so vibrant, so rich.

 But, what the hell is this (highlighed -> in that image) supposed to mean? The freaky backslash symbol isn’t on my keyboard and the manual doesn’t mention it…

 Maybe it’s my own facial expressions of frustration or delight being being reflected back so clearly in the wonderfully clear monitor that augment my curiously rollercoaster feelings about this encounter.


So they gave me an iMac last week. First task, install the developer tools, “XCode 3.0”, from Apple’s developer site. After downloading the 300mb installer, I went to use the nice little package file, only to be told it was corrupt. This is the 3rd Mac it’s done it to me on, after a bit of searching, the solution I found on several sites was: don’t use Safari (Apple’s browser) to download the “dmg” file. So I used a PC to download it, then copied it over to the Mac, bingo! Thanks, PC!

I also did some operating system/software updates before finally getting to installing the game. Try as I might, though, I couldn’t install WWII Online. I kept getting archive invalid errors, all of them inconsistent. W.T.F?

After 2 days of head scratching, whimpering cries for help to Rickb, Ahwful etc, it was Gophur that cracked it. “Have you tried rebooting it”? Of course I hadn’t, I had actually bought the hype. Rebooting fixed this installer issue.

But since I plugged my Mac in, our network has been painfully slow. I finally noticed that the “100Mb” lights on the little hub I stole from Killer had gone dark. Apparently, my little LinkSys hub was so dissapointed in my plugging an iMac into it, that it lost its ability to do 100Mb. Solution: Reboot it.

I’ve actually /had/ to reboot this Mac about 5 times in 4 days. Which is ironic given that my XP box sitting here has been running for a little over 2 months despite numerous os/application updates and installs; hell I even installed Word on it without rebooting… I guess if that sounds impressive, you’re a true Windows users, and everyone else is just sane :)