So they gave me an iMac last week. First task, install the developer tools, “XCode 3.0”, from Apple’s developer site. After downloading the 300mb installer, I went to use the nice little package file, only to be told it was corrupt. This is the 3rd Mac it’s done it to me on, after a bit of searching, the solution I found on several sites was: don’t use Safari (Apple’s browser) to download the “dmg” file. So I used a PC to download it, then copied it over to the Mac, bingo! Thanks, PC!

I also did some operating system/software updates before finally getting to installing the game. Try as I might, though, I couldn’t install WWII Online. I kept getting archive invalid errors, all of them inconsistent. W.T.F?

After 2 days of head scratching, whimpering cries for help to Rickb, Ahwful etc, it was Gophur that cracked it. “Have you tried rebooting it”? Of course I hadn’t, I had actually bought the hype. Rebooting fixed this installer issue.

But since I plugged my Mac in, our network has been painfully slow. I finally noticed that the “100Mb” lights on the little hub I stole from Killer had gone dark. Apparently, my little LinkSys hub was so dissapointed in my plugging an iMac into it, that it lost its ability to do 100Mb. Solution: Reboot it.

I’ve actually /had/ to reboot this Mac about 5 times in 4 days. Which is ironic given that my XP box sitting here has been running for a little over 2 months despite numerous os/application updates and installs; hell I even installed Word on it without rebooting… I guess if that sounds impressive, you’re a true Windows users, and everyone else is just sane :)

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