Limbo of the Plagiaristic

Apparently, Majestic‘s (formerly Tri-Logik, ring any bells) new game, Limbo of the Lost, contains rather a lot of other peoples’ content.

What tickles me is the “Development” section of the Wiki entry; they clearly got fed up of being 1 step behind.

I have to say – having watched the 3 minute trailer, the game looked pretty atrocious.

I mean, I’m not sure I would have bought that in 2004.

Best comment in the neogaf thread:

Awesome, I’m adding Limbo of the Lost to my resume.

One Comment

Funny stuff. I saw one screenie of their 199x Amiga demo (the game had been in development on and off since the early 90’s) and apparently the background for that was lifted from another game as well.

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