Spore Digital Download: EA Virus

Ok, I’m being sensationalist, but you’re downloading “spore” and the “EA Download Manager” you are forced to install to download your digital download goes ahead and makes itself part of your system startup without asking.

Also, if you decide to buy the digital download, be aware it will sneakily charge you $5.99 for “Extended Download Service”, whereupon they will keep the file for 6 months for you! There’s a tiny little trash can icon next to the quantity – carefully made very plain and not very icony unlike other icons on the same page.

Apparently the spore creator demo requires you to leave the download manager installed. Grr.


That is hands down the least coherent post ive read from you :P

On a lighter note, amazing piece of software isnt it

Bah: “spore” and “virus” … I just hate having an additional piece of background software thrust upon me, especially something that appears to feel the need to make it an ongoing part of my operating system.

I mean – seriously – why the hell does anyone need “EA Download Manager” running 24x7x365 on their PC?

The only games you should be playing are by EA. And you are going to get every game that is released by EA right? ;)

Very likely, since I fed it my credit card number ;)

Yeah, I just said no thanks to the download manager. I can click a link and download a patch if I need to.

The creature creator is loads of fun though.

Not that big of deal… It’s a download manager… keeps an online library of your games… no discs needed… don’t complain. It doesn’t harm your computer. And they only charge the extra fee if you /want/ them to.

It’s a big deal. I don’t mind a download manager, but developers who make their software default to auto-startup without so much as providing you the option need to be targeted for savage beatings.

So what if Download Manager adds itself to startup? Not a big deal? Maybe not, but Download Manager, Java, Adobe, Flash, the list goes on and on, suddenly your $3000 machine is performing like the box you had before because of 35 applications you downloaded running every time you startup and whenever they fancy. Suddenly your machine takes 5-10 minutes to boot up depending on your network connection. That is out of line. It shouldn’t become a problem for me to use my system because someone at EA wants to milk every little marketing opportunity they can get, that’s not the deal as far as I’m concerned.

Did you read their full EULA when you installed it? You’re ok with them sending themselves your /entire/ installed software list and Program Folders directory listing?

And you’re ok with waiting the extra minute or two at startup while their application invades your privacy? You would have selected “Launch EA Download Manager at startup” if they had the courtesy to provide the checkbox? You have enough bandwidth that you’re fine with all the software on your system auto-updating/polling/etc at its discretion right in the middle of playing an online game where you REALLY need every last drop of bandwidth only to lag out because EA Download Manager also defaults to automatically downloading ads and updates and installing them without “bothering” you?

Speaking of checkboxes, you might want to check out the one you can uncheck in the settings menu once you open the program.

I believe it says “Start automatically when starting Windows”

How nifty.

Exactly “once you open the program”, not “while you install it”.

To their credit, I noticed that since this June post they have modified the application so that when you uncheck the box in the application it does actually stop running on startup, rather than just not putting the icon in the task tray.

And while you idiots are running to the defense of invasive programming, it says this in the EA help files
C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\SPORE\Support\EA Help\en-us\Crash\Crashing_After_a_Full_Black_Screen.htm

Make sure that any unnecessary background tasks are terminated. These tasks could interfere with the running of the game.

Sage advice that every game, particularly every MMO, is likely to give you.

Obviously, EA Download Manager is necessary for Spore. Don’t have a problem with it running to support Spore.

But it isn’t necessary for anything else I run, so why the hell would I want it running by default?

so basicly your saying that spore has a viris with the download at 1st i downloaded it and it said about my graphic card that its below the spec min so i deleted it and now its getting to my birthday so im buying it on pc but will that still effect my graphic card :s


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