The patch that wasn’t

So the servers are still running 1.28.4 – even though the client is 1.28.5. No problem, 5am in the morning brought them down, restarted them. It’s easy to overlook small checkboxes at 5am, oops: had to abort the restart and put them back in intermission mode. Hit the restart button again and … Nothing. After a few minutes pawing around log files, the strat host was aborting startup because of a terrain error “The following AIRFIELDS do not have AIRCRAFT spawners!”. Why didn’t it do that first time around, or in beta?

It took a little work but it seems to be a terrain validator error that only gets annoyed by the intermission mode where some of the validation is deliberately relaxed, bypassing some other validation that turns out to be a dependency and winds up being done out of order. Why it only bothers aircraft spawners … I’ll look into next week, I’ve fixed it for now, try again tomorrow. Probably at a more reasonable hour. Expect to have your 9am attack on Antwerp interrupted :)


I have had no ctd’s and for the most part the game plays well.
I hope you can keep adding 25+ towns a patch. The closer to Russa the better.

I like how the game tells you who you killed and tells you you got credit for the kill.

Only does that during intermissions :-P

In my fantasy world, when I hit the lottery and I become the largest shareholder, I will turn kill credit on permanently. Gamey to some but it’s fun to talk a little smack.

“In my fantasy world, when I hit the lottery and I become the largest shareholder”

I’m glad to hear that fantasy isn’t just mine (with me the lottery winner, not easting, obviously)

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