WWIIOL 1.28.5

Is so far getting a very warm reception:

– 25+ New towns
– Differentiated Ground Brigades
– New movement rules
– The usual assortment of fixes and stuff

So far, the reception and enthusiasm has been stunningly positive.

– New towns

Doc has added a huge number of new towns including Nijmegen (the Dutch treat ‘ij’ like a ‘y’ so think of it as Nymegen instead of “Nidgmegen”). The layouts are a little different than we’re used to because Doc was working with Granik’s new buildings, creating a much nicer infantry feel. He also made use of the increased poly/object budgets making bigger and more complex towns.

– Differentiated Brigades

From my perspective, this isn’t something I added; you already had differentiated Air Brigades with separate bomber and fighter brigades, and the bomber divisions had CAS divisions. Players are often amused I know nothing about the makeup of individual brigades or units – that’s because I took several steps back while designing the TOE system and made the system abstract enough not to require that knowledge.

Differentiated ground brigades means there’s more armor now where there is armor – so bigger armored engagements. But there are less brigades with it – which means more infantry fighting.

The first fights were around the new towns, particularly Grave, Hatert, Lent and Nijmegen. Lots of bridge and riverine action, but some really huge armor clashes between the armored brigades.

Ordinarily, that would mean infantry play consisted of trying to get out from under a tank – but with the differentiated brigades, it has so far played out very differently. There’s plenty of armor for the tankers but now there is space for infantry combat without having to pootle off to the Zeelands.

The positive feedback to this was really awesome. I joined Latham and Topd for some multicrew fun (thanks to Xiper for gunning for me!) and we had a absolute blast. Latham was so excited he was almost giggly :)

In the longer term, though, DiffBdes are going to take players some getting used to. I don’t doubt there’s going to be some quibbling over where so-and-so wants the armor and which squad wants to use it. Hey, there’s plenty of it, and the Division HQ spawn lists have had their infantry forces decimated to try and support armor play, but it means armor isn’t going to be all-pervasive along the frontline. That means armor guys will probably be doing a bit more driving than in the last year or two.

My personal thinking is this will create a little more opportunity for a restoration of some of the old interdiction and out-of-town combat that we used to see so much of.


I LOVE differentiated brigades – I had no idea CRS was prepped to do this so soon.

Tankers wont mind having to look for tanks – we do this anyway. At least now we know where to look (would be cool though if you had different icons for brigade types).

Besides, it is SO much more fun to tank with other people. Perhaps we might see the emergence of a stronger armoured community? While there is no such thing as brigade loyalty, there is EQUIPMENT loyalty, which may get you a form of brigade loyalty in the end anyway.

Next brigade type? I’d suggest armoured recon. Light quick armour with trucks and infantry that can move town to town with a very short delay time.


Distinctive icons are in the works :)

NATO symbols coming soon?


The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO); French: Organisation du Traité de l’Atlantique Nord (OTAN); (also called the North Atlantic Alliance, the Atlantic Alliance, or the Western Alliance) is a military alliance established by the signing of the North Atlantic Treaty on 4 April 1949

That would be a no. ;)

I think a N Africa, a Pacific, and an Eastern Front Theater would all need to be present before NATO symbols.

Then we could re-enact Patton’s wish to start WW III right on the heels of WW II. Guess that would preempt NATO too.

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