Havelange Headache…

14,309 mortars fell within 800m of the Havelange AB during tonight’s 2 hour attack
12,112 of the mortars fired were Allied.
944 Axis deaths to Allied mortarmen.
103 Allied deaths to Axis mortarmen.

(Obviously, in this case the Allies were attacking)

The Axis tried pretty hard to remove the Allied mortar lines; at one point an He111 dropped his entire load close enough to wound the entire battery I was resupplying so they weren’t able to adjust their ranges anymore – we compensated by physically moving the mortarmen¬†:)

One plucky EI actually ran right into our battery, and might have turned the fight if he’d bothered to mark us ;)

What BattlegroundEurope is about…

Every now and again I come across a video of our game that makes me go “woah”! Nice work, Tatonka :) This is not a flying video, despite the cover image:


Mac withdrawal…

As much as I’ve grumbled, and even as I sit here trying to remember what the hell keys to press to do simple cursor movements, I found myself wondering “how much can I get a Mac for?” and “maybe I should go into the office” this weekend.