Cool. It looks scripted.

The final step is for Gophur to drop the archives in and run the package builder on the box itself. We ran into some permissions issues this time (minor) but I just added “chgrp -R staff ${versionNo} && chmod g+w -R ${versionNo}” and that cleared it up nicely.

Next step is to wrap it in a CGI so that you can push a build from a web-page :)

It’s good when you write a script, I have a process to run every month for a customer, it’s a ballache, so I scripted it and hey presto, it does it automatically and we still charge the company a full days worth of my developer time, bonus :)

Hello, there’s an error in 14c: it’s “Divisionnaire”

We noticed that but it won’t update until next time we restart the servers… Doh.

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