Campaign #45, Differentiated Ground Brigades

Ok, Campaign #45 started today… And Doc made the call and rolled out the Differentiated Armored Brigades. Lots of real positive feedback in game – the odd complaint that “it’s the same” from someone giving it a 2 minute once-over. It didn’t change the basics of gameplay, it changed the bigger picture and it changed the overall feel to the longer fights. If you spawn in inf to defend against an armored brigade, tho, what you’ll experience is “old school” as armor pours in and crushes you. If you spawn into an AB sitting below a hill with the enemy parked ontop of it, you’ll feel just as camped as ever.

The real difference is that there is a lot more of the good stuff going on – some really fine infantry actions still going on after 5 days. Will it last? How bad will the firestorms be when the first division loses an armored brigade and there are nothing but infantry, atgs and light tanks to hold off a blood-thirsty armor column?

Just spent 2 hours defending Longwy… There was a great armored battle outside of town, and then the armor withdrew and the infantry moved in, and the Allies held the town by the skin of their teeth. Light Axis tanks edged towards town and that hold started to teeter; a couple of Allied tanks arrived from Piennes and bounced the Axis armor and the Allied grip strengthed … Until a couple of really well placed 88s began popping them with careful aims and cautious firing.

Once again, the Allies had a fingernail grip on Longwy – I’ve no idea how we kept it, I was totally immersed in the infantry battle, but somehow we held it. Armor trying to reach the town encountered enemy armor, we could hear the battle raging in the distance, I guess Allied armor managed to reach the town and then a new brigade moved in and the Allies regained the town.

Looking forward to Friday night with Latham and Topd – if they show – we spent last Friday night multicrewing and looking forward to doing it again.