When I spawned in, I really didn’t think we had a chance. That has to be one of the toughest towns in the game. The Axis had it locked up good with a half a dozen 88s sitting on the hill north of the West Armybase popping just about anything that spawned – they decimated the armor list. I spawned in an ATR and found a good little spot about 1km out from the 88s and slowly started picking them off.

As their supply halftrack scuttled with the last 88 running for his score, pressure was off on the West AB, and the Luftwaffe generously afforded the last remaining Allied armor a reprieve just long enough for Matildas to roll out and onto the bridge. So many kills as poor little gray things desperately tried to scurry out from their depots. My favorites were the mortarmen and ATRs who picked any old spot to try and deploy thinking maybe I couldn’t see them with my barrel pointing right at them. I felt they deserved more than just a simple machine-gunning and sent them a solid AP round surprize.

I would have left more of you to the swarms of Allied infantry rushing over the bridge but if you come running a straight line towards my machine gun with a satchel held out, I’m going to give you a pre-emptive present of my own :)

Even so, there were soo many infantry on both sides, I think I barely made a dent in the Axis attack, merely kept them from re-crossing the bridge. I was utterly amazed I managed to survive: not until things started to wind down did I believe for a moment that there wouldn’t be a satchel in the next second or two or one of the bombers overhead wouldn’t take me out. I took a few plinks but I think there was another tank next to me that absorbed all the hurt.

It was the tooth-and-nail sort of fight that when the smoke cleared and the town was still yours, you wondered how that happened and wanting to find an EI and go-over and shake his hand…



Rat God Kfs1 Matilda

Hehehe, we were desperate, just trying to swarm over. nothing doing, then I had to log. Was a good fight, thats for sure. Glad to be back in WWIIOnline after a long absence…

Woot! Great to see you back, Cav!

Yeah, i was gone for a while – close to 2 years, i think. I had a daughter, money got tight, and I just never got back. The welcome back soldier thing got me hooked again :)

Still despise sappers, but I’m willing to put up with them, I guess.

With the diff. brigades, this makes the game real fun, I hope it sticks around for a while!

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