I don’t normally do this…

 But since the secret already seems to be out … Yes, it’s mah birthday today. No, I wasn’t planning anything special – I was looking forward to getting a bunch of rat-types together for some beers and then some multicrew, except everyone is either on vacation or going on vacation, bah! (Doc just noticed yesterday that his passport is due to expire midway thru his vacation trip, *grin*).

I don’t normally admit my birthdays until the day afterwards, and now I feel all egotistical.

The picture? How I plan to look tomorrow after finishing the not-for-export beers Belgian beers in my personal Belgian Embassy refrigerator tonight ;)


Happy b-day. Just think of it being one step closer to death. And tomorrow you’ll feel like you are closer. ;)

happy birthday!love your blog!

Happy Birthday.

Do the Belgians have a Walloon/Flemish cultural split when it comes to beer, or are they single-minded on that subject?

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday.

If you are in game at all and want to multicrew anything German let me know. Multicrewing is always fun!

Wait, I have the same birthday as Oliver? Neat!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Oliver. Hope this year brings you much happiness.

Happy Birhday , Oliver :)

Happy Birthday!!

Have a Leffe for me too. :)

Happy Birthday.


HBD, KFS, even if it is a bit late.

Woot, happy birthday mate.

Happy Belated BD!
I prefer Hoegaarden preferably Grand Cru, hard to get in the states thou, so I settle for the White Ale. Yum

Chimay Bleue FTW

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