Guitar Hero 3

I picked up a used Guitar Hero 3 from GameStop on Thursday. I find myelf wondering again why GH doesn’t give you an (obvious) option to listen to tracks (that ‘obvious’ is to cover my bases incase there is such an option). I generally find that I average about 90-94% on tracks I don’t know and 95-99% on tracks I do. I was wondering if, even though the songs are actually covers and not the original tracks, they have a legal or licensing issue: would they have to pay extra royalties to play you their version of the song but manipulating the controller counts as an individual performance? Could you get around RIAA licenses by having a playback device that requires you to “play” the songs you download? :)

Niggle: Some of the it seems a bit random as to when they allow a hammer-on/hammer-off. There are a couple of songs (e.g Barracuda) where there is a considerable gap between two notes but the icon indicates you can hammer it. Then there are other songs where clearly the guitarist is using a hammer and the notes are virtually riding each other, but it wasn’t tagged that way so you have to strum them. While I suppose it could be a mistake, I suspect it’s deliberate in songs that are otherwise a little lacking in challenge.

Finally a Clapton track. I think I much prefer the set in 3 over that in GH2.


clapton track? where?

(or is it just the differences between ps3 and xbox?)

Cream’s “Sunshine of your love” isn’t on the PS3 version?

I don’t think there’s any other option but practice mode. But I haven’t played GH3, so who knows.

The whole HOPO thing seems to be a common complaint about GH3 though.

Why didn’t you just get Rock Band anyway?

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