Ext3/Fdisk fun

We’re experimenting with a fedora box, building a new configuration. We put a new drive into a box and rebooted it; given that it booted up as expected and I forgot about LABEL=/ in fstab, I went ahead and fdisk’d the old drive which had a 16Gb partition plus swap. I removed both partitions and created a single partition which turned out to be 72.6Gb. The drive is actually that big but it had been hamstrung with a 16Gb partition as a result of a standardized install.

So, uhm, how do I stabilize that? I’d like to avoid reinstalling, but I figure it can’t be good just resizing a partition under ext3?

Blizzard’s WarCraft Sequel

‘Warcraft’ Sequel Lets Gamers Play A Character Playing ‘Warcraft’

Oh, you have to see this!

At least, that’s what Safari believes. If the page in a tab refreshes, Safari switches focus to it!

Apple need to convince some of their staff to use Safari instead of Firefox :)

I’ve been trying to stick to Safari but, unless there’s some way to disable this behavior, I’m downloading Firefox 3.0 for the Mac instead, lot of my pages auto-refresh.