Ext3/Fdisk fun

We’re experimenting with a fedora box, building a new configuration. We put a new drive into a box and rebooted it; given that it booted up as expected and I forgot about LABEL=/ in fstab, I went ahead and fdisk’d the old drive which had a 16Gb partition plus swap. I removed both partitions and created a single partition which turned out to be 72.6Gb. The drive is actually that big but it had been hamstrung with a 16Gb partition as a result of a standardized install.

So, uhm, how do I stabilize that? I’d like to avoid reinstalling, but I figure it can’t be good just resizing a partition under ext3?


I’m guessing the partitions are real, on-disk partitions, rather than using an LVM?

If that’s the case, I wouldn’t try resizing. I think it’s THEORETICALLY possible, but a potential nightmare. The magic util here is “gparted”.

If they’re on an LVM, then you can resize; but sadly EXT3 won’t do so dynamically like JFS or Reiser does… or actually it might. I just caught this:

Are you running Kernel 2.6.10 or later?

Ugh, no, the box is running 2.4.22. I think it’s going to be OK because I increased the physical partition size. Ext3 won’t see the extra space but it also won’t have something else using parts of the space it thinks it owns.

You should still be able to resize the filesystem; you’ll just have to do it with the F/S unmounted, which can be a difficult proposition when the server’s running, especially for the root F/S. :)

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