so, when’s the “After china, moving forward” post comming? =)

I was wondering that myself…not much talk about that going on…

Work in progress :) Probably get posted this weekend.

I’ve considered all of your remote build scripting as a precursor for speeding up the whole development cycle. A very nice time saving tool. How many man hours per month did you save?

In theory, all of them; when there was no automation/tools I had to do manually everything that the automation and tools now do. There is at least enough work there for one if not two individuals.

Patch day used to take 2 days out of my week, just because there were so many steps to carry out. It still takes a big chunk out of one day because usually some aspect of what has to be done is manual – but most of it is just the time that stuff takes to execute; for instance it takes several minutes to build a server executable and a couple more to upload it to the game server. Then there’s a 15-45 minute wait while we give players due warning of shutdown. Then there’s the time it takes to run the end-of-campaign or reset scripts, saving stuff off, etc, time it takes to upgrade the database if the patch calls for it, time for Doc to modify TOEs or brigades or whatever, which can only be done when all of that is finished.

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