After China, Moving Forward

At the moment, we’re all pretty locked down on getting BE-China squared away. Even so, The Next Big Step(TM) is always a topic for discussion. There are a number of opinions about what that might be, but I tend to agree with Killer that the next big changes are going to come to a revamp of the basic gaming experience in terms of how you get into the world, how you determine with whom and how you co-operate and how we determine scoring and rewards for players as a result of actions executed and completed.

I think the next big focus for Battleground Europe has to be the atomizing of scoring activities, introduction of ad-hoc grouping and significant increase of granularity of posession. I’m going to pull together and expand on various comments I’ve made in the last couple of weeks on the forums to try and provide a clearer picture of how I see this moving forward…

Microsoft’s plans for Internet infrastructure

Interesting interview with the CVP  of Microsoft’s Global Foundation Services on how MS are growing their Internet infrastructure. Historically Windows hasn’t been a great online application/service platform in terms of performance, reliability, security etc; Windows as a server environment just has a much larger foot print than, say, Linux.

Rather, Windows offers a known quantity: affordable staffing, the promise of reliable maintenance contracts, guaranteed support, etc. It’s just a better corporate product.

The Windows Server line has been advancing nicely and is certainly not to be sniffed at, but I hope the challenges facing GFS translate into Microsoft products that can more seriously challenge the Unixes etc as a high-performance server platform.