The new MMO: Nodiatis

Glitchless, often maligned and variously abused by people challenging the dev’s claims (<- click this link if no others) with scandallous accusations, have finally launched their first (I believe) MMO: Nodiatis. It’s not the ground-breaking Dawn that that people refused to believe in back in 2000. But after 8 years, they have proven the doubters wrong with what is certainly an MMO(*):

(Full 49Mb WMV video here large enough to read the text; the game has sound, but for some reason it got stripped out by Movie Maker)

(* If, by MMO, you mean graphical MUD, like The Realm)


From the 1.29.01 readme, yay Ramp!

– added new keymapping option for alternate defaults

The choice of defaults being “Joystick”, “Keyboard” and “Mouse” :) He even thought to make it smart enough not to choose “Joystick” if the game didn’t detect one.