From the 1.29.01 readme, yay Ramp!

– added new keymapping option for alternate defaults

The choice of defaults being “Joystick”, “Keyboard” and “Mouse” :) He even thought to make it smart enough not to choose “Joystick” if the game didn’t detect one.



Hey KFS,

Is there any chance of a second mouse sensitivity slider for “zoomed in” view?

This would make cream appear in my shorts.

You’d have to pose that one to Ramp :)

Please tell me he added a simple more/less slider for joystick axes

What I liked of the old Keymapper is that it easily allowed you to configure two joysticks.

As Ramp is revamping it, it would be great, if posible, that multiengine planes were allowed multi imput from throtles…

P-38 and Bf110 jokeys would love this amonth all the others… maybe even A-20 jokeys would love it.

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